Scholastic Five Busy Beavers

Scholastic Five Busy Beavers

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Livre anglais/English book

Join five little beavers and their playful friends in this countdown to fun — now available as a board book!

Five busy beavers building up a dam,

closing up the river where the salmon swam.

Gnawing down trees and ferrying the logs.

Slapping on the mud that they gathered from the bog.

Along came a muskrat who wanted to play,

and one little beaver swam away.

A catchy rhyme counts down from five until there is only one hardworking beaver left. The others disappeared one by one, called away to play by their animal friends —a muskrat, a heron, a frog and a turtle. When the fifth tired beaver finally heads back to the lodge he finds a big surprise!

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Scholastic Five Busy Beavers
Five Busy Beavers
C$9.99 C$9.99


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